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Woman in Sin’ has been named one of the top world music albums of 2010 by Lisa Mullins of the radio show ‘The World’, from PRI.  This is a great honor for us because we love and respect the show very much.  Check out the podcast and article here.

Here’s a picture of us performing at Steinman Hall in Lancaster, PA (taken by Audrey Fox).  For more photos of this show by our friend Scott Bookman, check out his Fishtank Ensemble Gallery.

fishtank ensemble - top world music albums

From Fishtank Ensemble Pictures

In another huge honor, we’ve also been crowned as some of the “Best Drinking music of 2010

Infusing its sprightly gypsy-jazz style with influences from all around the world, Fishtank has crafted a record that could make even the most skeptical jazz listener jig like a madman. On Woman in Sin, the group plays to its strengths, unleashing singer Ursula Knudsen’s fearsome voice on nearly every track. You won’t understand this woman’s presence until you listen . . . . .  ‘Woman in Sin’ requires a beer that’s full of the same spark and worldly spice, so I’ll need a beer from . . . . (read the whole article to find out)

We had a great time in NY playing at APAP with friends The George Cole Quintet (awesome original swing jazz), 2 Man Gentleman Band (who are hilarious and great), The Defibulators (Kick ass Alt country rock), Jessica Fichot (Chanteuse and Songwriter) other great Charisma Artist Agency Bands. Our newest CD ‘Woman in Sin’ was widely regarded as one of the top world music albums of 2010.

Here is an excerpt of a good article on us by Emily Burnham of the Bangor Daily News in Maine.

Jan. 06 – The gypsy jazz quartet Fishtank Ensemble gets its name from the performance and art space the lead singer, Ursula Knudson, was living in when the band formed in 2004. Knudson was living in the Oakland, Calif., collective known back then as the Fishtank, when Fabrice Martinez, a French violinist, came to visit her.

“It was the happiest kind of accident, because no one was really looking to form a band, but we did,” said Knudson, who married Martinez in 2004. “A woman at the show asked us what our name was, and we really had no idea what to say. So we just said, ‘Err, the Fishtank Ensemble?’

While Fishtank Ensemble certainly has honed its chops in terms of the history of gypsy jazz and Eastern European music, the band takes a contemporary outlook in what they actually write and perform.  “We don’t claim to be a totally authentic experience. We aren’t totally traditional,” said Knudson. “I do things my own way, that may or may not be authentic in some ways. We all do. We play the music that we want to play, and a lot of the time, it comes out as this kind of music.”

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