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Happy New Year to Everyone!  icon-glass 

What has Fishtank Ensemble been up to? Did Djordje finally pursue his dream of clown college? Did Doug finish recording his hip hop album? Did Ursula start a makeup line for dogs? Did Fabrice travel to Turkey? Which of these things are true?

One thing is positive: We have been very excited about our new album that will come out this spring. We wish we had a precise date for it, but we guarantee that it will come to fruition this spring- and away we will go on a touring bonanza – to promote Edge of the World!

We hope that you have been keeping warm and away from the flu. If you are lying in bed with a thermometer in your mouth, here are some lovely new photos and mix previews to cheer you up and pass the time:)

Much Love,

Fishtank Ensemble

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