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Woman in Sin

woman in sin

Woman in Sin – Track List

  1. Woman in Sin
  2. Españolette
  3. After You’ve Gone
  4. Am Furat de la Haidouks
  5. Fever
  6. Djordjes Rachenitza
  7. Pena Andaluz
  8. Coucou
  9. Kolo Suite
  10. O’Dewel
  11. Opa Opa
  12. Nedim

The third album from Fishtank Ensemble, Woman in Sin, finds the band writing and performing at their peak. Transylvanian Gypsy Anthems, 1920’s swing, Romanian Folk medleys, Rhythm and Blues Classics, Bulgarian Odd Time Signatures, Flamenco Rumbas, Swing Jazz, Serbian party tunes, Secret Manouche music and original songs are seamlessly blended together in this quintessential offering from the leading American Gypsy Band.

If you’re wondering why this CD costs more, it’s because it’s printed with special, limited edition 3D artwork to showcase the beautiful design. This is a cd you’ll want to keep out and display as artwork, so it’s worth a few extra bucks.


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The third album by this amazing group from California, ‘Woman in Sin‘, is one of the best times to be found on disc so far this year. Don’t underestimate the unadulterated joy of the group, which uses violin, violin trumpet, accordion, musical saw, banjolele, doumbek, cajón and some mean slap bass.

Gene Armstrong

The album has a nostalgic, retro sheen but its substance shows great musicians making compelling acoustic music mined from cultures near and far.

Scott Stevens

‘Woman In Sin’ is truly an outstanding release. The playing is majestic and virtuoso. Dizzying violin passages. The upright bass has NEVER been played with more energy. Ursula’s vocals are bold, alluring and at times delivered with a sassy wink. Fishtank Ensemble have made a brilliant statement here that is one for the ages.

M. R. Griffin

Wonderful, masterful, beautiful and enchanting music. I have been a fan of these guys for years now. They have hit it out of the park with “Woman In Sin” – wonderful songs, lovingly played and sung by master musicians. The music is at once fresh and original while being classic and timeless. Give your ears a treat and buy this album. Go Fishtank!

Big Al

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