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Super Raoul

Woman in Sin – Track List

  1. Bordeas
  2. Itty Bitty Snitty Little Frenchman
  3. Papirosen
  4. Troll Wedding
  5. Pegasus Vaulters
  6. Ringo Bushi
  7. Arabu Andaluz
  8. Hora di Burcharest/Hora de Fabrice
  9. Le Kiddnapuer
  10. Hopa di Bida
  11. The Last Shamisen Master
  12. Suite Romaine
  13. Doina Sonnambule

Super Raoul is the 1st album from California world music group Fishtank Ensemble. It was neither planned or nor conceived. Rather, it is a byproduct of a fortuitous intersection of the lives of seven devoted musicians. It’s a long story. One that’s best told through the music on the alubm. We surprised ourselves and everyone else who heard this music. How do we describe it?  . . . Super Raoul!

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As a klezmer musician, I like to keep my ears to the ground for people doing interesting fusion work that incorporates Eastern European music. I usually don’t expect much, but boy did Fishtank blow my mind! The relentless Roma violin, the sharp Shamisen, and the great ensemble feel make this a driving, toe-tapping album. Plus, I’ve heard Papirosn butchered and maimed in every maudlin and poorly interpreted way possible, and I’ve never heard anything as wholly original as this version. It’s a tune dear to my heart, so I don’t give the compliment lightly. All I can say is…make another one!


Being of Easter European descent, this music goes right to my soul! My Dad played the cymbala in various bands and Fishtank takes me right back to all those wild weddings and random celebrations!

Deborah Walker

This CD meets a lots of my attempts, and i must say it’s just a tremendous band of rather young an motivated people ! The fusion of Balkanik influences going from eastern to more southern influences is perfect. And once you know that the CD was reccorded in one week, you can only agree that these guys are fucking good, and whish their upcoming !

Yves Gaille

It’s such a graceful amalgamation, you don’t ever think about what an odd combination of musical traditions it is. It just sounds so natural, as if gypsy violin and shamusen have always gone together. And man, these are some talented players. Seriously top shelf material.


Thoroughly enjoy this group – first heard them on NPR and wanted their CD. Good job of keeping me notified of when the CD was available and it arrived quickly – in time for CHristmas!!!!!!! Thank you….love this group!

Penny Finocchiaro

I was staying at my parents’ house when this cd arrived in the mail. Everyone had gone to bed, so I had to listen to it on my headphones. It was so good that I tip-toed into my parents’ darkened bedroom and asked if they wanted to hear it. They said “No! Wait until the morning!!” It felt like waiting to open presents on Christmas. As soon as they woke up the next day, I blasted it in the living room. My dad danced and cooked us all blueberry pancakes. It’s the most joyful music ever.


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