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Worlds Collide

by Douje

worlds collide

Worlds Collide – Track List

  1. Danza de las Muertas
  2. Statue of Desire
  3. Infusia
  4. el Plumo Gitanito
  5. Duende del Jardin Secreto
  6. La Primera Respira Jonda
  7. La Jiñete Final
  8. Remembering Granada
  9. Techno Infusia
  10. La Antigua Llamada Mystica
  11. The Fountain Kisses the Wind
  12. De Nada al Eternidad
  13. Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide is an album that came about 10-15 years before it’s time. Fishtank Ensemble guitarist ‘Douje’ had a vision early on to blend traditional, jondo flamenco with modern day electronic music. No matter how far out there it goes, the flamenco guitar playing of el douje is what unifies and sets this album apart.



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Wow! incomparable, truely unique and engaging. This album is a musically deep work. the songs are so original and inspired, it defies categorization, you simply must hear it. the musician ship is exceptional but whats really interesting is the way its uniquely applied to the music. way ahead of its time!

Robert Mcgrath

Great compositions of transatlatic flamenco with big energy and melodies.

Vancon Guillaume

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