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Samurai Over Serbia

samurai over serbia

Samurai Over Serbia – Track List

  1. Saraiman
  2. Turkish March
  3. Tchavo
  4. Face the Dragon
  5. Gitanos Califorñeros
  6. Spirit Prison
  7. Fraima
  8. Youkali
  9. Ezraoul
  10. Mehum Mato
  11. Samurai Over Serbia
  12. Extremely Large Congenial Romanian

On their 2nd album, Samurai Over Serbia, Fishtank Ensemble comes armed, loaded and ready to serve you up a platter of intense, nearly cosmic gypsy music. Samurai Over Serbia samples the global plain that is the group’s playing field. Like the gypsies, it crosses borders, villages, continents, and time periods showcasing the varied instrumental prowess of each member and the extreme range of vocalist Ursula Knudson



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A review of Samurai Over Serbia

The cd kicks off with the fast traditional gypsy dance, Saraiman, Knudson adding passionate vocals with some rapidfire vibrato. The second cut, Turkish March takes a familiar Mozart piece back to its roots at an extremely entertaining, lickety-split clip. Knudson adds a sprightly ragtime feel to the gypsy swing number Tchavo. Face the Dragon features its composer, violinist Fabrice Martinez trading off atmospheric sheets of sound with Penny’s spiky shamisen and a nifty little bass solo by upright bassist Djordje Stijepovic. A homage to Paco de Lucia written by guitarist Douglas Smolens, Gitanos Californeros sets a frenetic gypsy violin chart against smoldering flamenco guitars, Knudson upping the dramatic ante as the piece builds. Spirit Prison, a first-person, tongue-in-cheek account of life in the loony bins comes across as a hybrid of Carol Lipnik phantasmagoria matched to the purist oldtimey ragtime charm of the Moonlighters. Nice upper-register singing saw solo from Knudson too! They follow it with the eerie, shape-shifting Fraima, originally performed by Opa Cupa.

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