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Edge of the World

Edge of the World – Track List

  1. Ki Zandana
  2. Smyrnieko Minore
  3. Goat Dance
  4. Love Again
  5. Ceklin
  6. Eternal Source of Light Divine
  7. Rhythm Futur
  8. Geljan Dade
  9. Samai
  10. Zuki Zuki
  11. Sweet Child O’ Mine

After nearly a decade of musical travels that have created a lifetime of experiences and a worldwide family, Fishtank Ensemble offers up Edge of the World, a dedication to the community of musicians and friends that have inspired them and supported them over the years. Taking you from the Baroque era to 1920’s Greece, from 30’s Paris and back to 1980’s Los Angeles, Edge of the World blends music from geographic and genre-based musical worlds in one stunning tribute that comes directly from the heart.  

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