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Boom Clique

by Douje

boom clique

Boom Clique – Track List

  1. Hit em Wit Dat
  2. Big Dreams
  3. Boom Clique
  4. My Flower Garden
  5. Complications of the Past
  6. Hip Hop Buleria
  7. On the Radio
  8. Make Ya Scream
  9. Throw it Up
  10. Speck of Time
  11. Kinda Freaky
  12. Back in Da Flow
  13. Sands of Time

The Boom Clique is a project born out of the idea to blend the raw urgency of  modern Hip Hop with more musicality and real instruments. The brain child of Fishtank Ensemble guitarist Douje, the music was inspired after a chance meeting with some rappers on the road. Realizing that hip hop could be combined with gypsy music resulted in this heart-racing mash up of pop music, heard on the self-titled debut of Boom Clique.


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