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Fishtank Ensemble combines violins, bass, guitars, and a captivating frontwoman who sings and plays a musical saw—among other things. The Fishtankers draw on traditions from all over the musical map of the world, as the title of their 2007 album “Samurai Over Serbia” indicates: manouch swing from Paris, Turkish marches from Istanbul, flamenco wails from the Iberian Peninsula.

Will Friedwald

Wall Street Journal

The four-piece, L.A.-based Fishtank Ensemble are modern ambassadors of many of the world’s folk sounds and even a peripheral listen to their music displays not only the deeply ingrained traditions of Serbian, Romanian, flamenco, gypsy, opera and Transylvanian music — among many other styles — but also the unbelievable skill and precision that goes into its performance.

Ryan Heinsius

It’s a new era with a new band that’s hot enough to blaze their own path. Woman in Sin is sinful only if you don’t get a copy and listen.

Joel Okida

Lucid Culture

Rather than gathering new sounds, the band has dug deeper into the Gypsy wedding raves, hot jazz and Balkan blues that were there from the beginning. Following up on 2010’s stellar “Woman In Sin,” Fishtank’s fourth album, “Edge of the World,” captures the band in a reflective mood. They’re still the life of the party, but they’ve got other things on their minds, too.

Andrew Gilbert

The California Report

Everyone in the quartet is a virtuoso of sympatico different musical forms, from flamenco to Eastern European grooves to extremely credible tangos

Michael Simmons

LA Weekly

They raise the bar for pretty much everybody else.

Lucid Culture

Fishtank Ensemble, with opener Luminescent Orchestrii was one of the best shows of the year, hands down.  Fusion gypsy music, played with unbelievable virtuosity on odd acoustic instrumentation and the energy of punk and rockabilly — that’s the best I can muster in words

The Daily Page

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