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It’s spring 2013 and we hope you are enjoying the improving weather.  We always look forward to summer because that means lots of touring, festivals, music and general reverie.  As usual there is a lot going on in the world of Fishtank Ensemble.  For Example:

  • We are putting the finishing touches on the final batch of songs to record for our upcoming CD, ‘Edge of the World’ including a very special surprise.  If you’ve been  to one of our shows lately, you might already know what this is.
  • Speaking of shows, have you checked out the Fishtank Ensemble Shows page lately?  There are upcoming shows all over California and an east coast tour in May.
  • We’ve got a drummer now!  Fishtank Ensemble is very happy to be playing with legendary drummer Matty Apples who just came off a tour with Ben Harper.  We’ve been wanting to play with a drummer for years, it just took a long time to find someone who could keep up with us.
  • A wonderful article has been written about us by Terry Roland (thanks Terry!!) called ‘Fishtank Ensemble and the Passion of Gypsy Jazz’.  This is probably the best article that has been written about us ever.  He digs deeply into the Romani history and ties it into our own crazy story of how we came to be.  Read this sample then click the link to read the full article, it’s well worth it!!!!


The Passion of Gypsy Jazz

The Fishtank Ensemble have history. Not only as a band, but they have also successfully blended hundreds of years of music, tracing a heritage rich with substance, style, and a near overdose of hot-blooded passion. On first listen, the term “gypsy-jazz” will be among the genre labels that come to mind. It is hard to mistake the clear guitar and fiddle once mastered by Django Reinhardt and his peers in 1920s Paris. But, today the common term’ gypsy’ is thought of as a kind of romantic figure-the bohemian nomad in horse drawn carriages and unconventional lifestyle of a nomad. They were always, throughout history, outside the circle of conventional and “civilized” society. However,  for the original culture of those we call gypsies the word was an insult.

Read the rest of the article, Fishtank Ensemble and the Passion of Gypsy Jazz here

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