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Here’s a brand new video for the song Opa! Opa! from our latest CD ‘Woman in Sin‘.  The photos we’re shot by our friend and excellent photographer Dalen Muster.  The Editing was done was by our guitarist, ‘douje‘, and the video FX were done by Michael Compton.  What do you think?  please leave your comments on youtube and subscribe to our youtube channel.

Fishtank is getting ready to for our very busy summer touring touring season, with upcoming shows at DjangoVegasCalifornia Worldfest, and a blowout in San Francisco on June 30 at the Great American Music Hall with our good friends and fellow Roma-Rockers, Brass Menazeri, before we head off to Europe in August and the east coast and midwest in September.  In october we’ll be back in the studio recording our 4th Album which should be ready by the beginning of 2013!

What Does Opa Mean?

 According the Urban Dictionary, Opa is a Greek Word that may be used as an ‘Exclamation’, or ‘Utterance’, or ‘Declaration’, or ‘Affirmation’ or a lovingly gentle way of telling you to ‘Stop’ … depending on the situational context. We like to add to that definition. In a musical context, Opa is generally exclaimed in a moment of inspiration and revelry. Opa is similar to the shout out used in spanish flamenco music ‘Ole!’. In greek culture it’s often accompanied by the smashing of glasses, plates or other readily breakable objects. So next time you’re at a Fishtank Ensemble show and you’re overcome with the musical emotion of the moment, smash your glasses and shout ‘Opa’ with us. (unless the establishment frowns upon smashing their glasses, in which case, we recommend purchasing one of our CDs and break glasses and plates in the comfort of  your own home!)


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