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Its time. We have had too many experiences, too many late nights with music and nectar, too much new music, too much travel, to not produce something new that can express all of this. . . its time for a new album. We have decided to start this October and it will be called Edge of the World . . Studio time, equipment, mixing, mastering, printing, design, all of this is going to be a thrill to create but heavy on the pocketbook. Thats where you come in.

At this point in time, we feel we have been to pockets of the world that many musicians who stick to the bigger cities are not fortunate enough to have ever seen. We have dived off cliffs at the edge of the world and meet people that we will always remember. Including you. Why not, we thought, ask all the people with whom we have connected through our music, to participate in this upcoming endeavor? This way we are sure it will happen, and that the community that we have so lovingly felt ourselves to be a part of since we begun can be a part of our creation.

We are a completely do it yourself group, but we would not change it for the world. Instead of getting back in a tour bus after a festival, we have always been able to hang out, meet people, and jam long into the night under the stars and create magic. Please help us to continue this magic, to be an independent group that can continue to create music you love. We have 30 days to meet our goal of $15000. Can it happen? We believe anything is possible!

Much love!
Fishtank Ensemble

New Fishtank Ensemble CD – Edge of the World

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