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First off, let me say happy holiday season to all of you! We are grateful to be home from touring for a bit, catching up on our lives back home and getting ready for 2014. We know that our Kickstarter Campaign for Edge of the World ended last October. We began recording in November 2012 and due to scheduling conflicts we did not finish recording until July of this year (often when we are not traveling, one of us lives in another country for six months of the year). Then it was on the road again! We had an amazing tour this summer, filled with old and new friends, and came home in October.

Now comes the problem….there are some issues with the mixes and we are trying to come up with the best possible solution to resolve them. Basically, we are faced with the decision of trying to make the best sound possible (which right now is a challenge) or else getting the album out ASAP since we owe it to all of you. In any case, because of scheduling again and getting us all in one place, we cannot begin to resolve the issue until January 2014. This album is pretty much the biggest thing on all of our minds right now and we are frustrated at the setbacks, for everyones sake. We are doing our best.

We wanted to send you this update to let you know that we have NOT let this album fall by the wayside. No matter what happens, we will begin to start to finalize the album in January and will have it done shortly after that. We know you are anxious to hear the finished product in which you have invested and which is dedicated to you. This will happen and we apologize from the bottom of our hearts at the delays. This has never happened before. We hope it wont ever happen again!

With much love from all of us to you,

Fishtank Ensemble

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