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Hello friends and Fans

Fishtank Ensemble is pleased to announce that we have (finally) finished recording our 4th album, ‘Edge of the World‘. It took a lot longer than anticipated but we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results. WE are. And, we have added a special surprise homage to our CA roots on the album that somehow fits us….because if nothing else, we are masters at fitting into musical genres you never expected…..

Speaking of recent and upcoming shows, our schedule is jammed for the next 3 months. July 8-12 and July 15-19 we’ll be playing 2 shows a day at the Hollywood Bowl for an event put on by the LA Philharmonic called Summersounds. A special play has been written with Fishtank Ensemble and our story in mind, all with the goal of teaching kids about live music and the joy of making music together, as Fishtank Ensemble makes music together! You will get to see us act! We have lines! Don’t be too hard on us, ok? We don’t expect a Tony anytime soon, but we are very pleased to be part of this wonderful outreach event and all of the amazing folks involved in it.   All music performances are held on the Hollywood Bowl Museum patio.

At the end of July we head north for our first tour of Canada, in Alberta and BC.  Then it’s off to Europe yet again for August and early september.  This will be our 4th European tour but only our first as a band going to the balkans-Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia…. We’re very excited (and a little nervous) to hear what they think of our americanized balkan music.

Finally here’s another little taste of some of our new music on the upcoming album, Edge of the World . . . .

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