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california report

 What’s Fishtank Ensemble ensemble been up to you ask?

  • Our new album, ‘Edge of the World‘ was featured on the California Report.
  • We’re starting 12 days on tour in the South West US to promote our new album.
  • We have a Mid-west tour coming up in July.
  • We also got a great write up in the Wall Street Journal.

Check out this excellent article on us by Andrew Gilbert for the California Report. Here’s a sample-

“Some bands pick up influences on the road like souvenirs, evoking their far-flung travels with odd meters or exotic melodies. For the Los Angeles combo Fishtank Ensemble, years of relentless touring have pushed it in the opposite direction, distilling the band’s foundational influences.

The group is still impressively eclectic, but as it shed several members and instruments over the years, like the accordion and three-string Japanese shamisen, Fishtank has added depth and coherence to its playfully theatrical presentation.

Rather than gathering new sounds, the band has dug deeper into the Gypsy wedding raves, hot jazz and Balkan blues that were there from the beginning. Following up on 2010’s stellar “Woman In Sin,” Fishtank’s fourth album, “Edge of the World,” captures the band in a reflective mood. They’re still the life of the party, but they’ve got other things on their minds, too.”

We  head out on the road to the South West starting June 18.  We are THRILLED to have been asked back to Nicfest this year in Caspar, Wyoming (one of the friendliest fests we have ever played) and have booked a ten day tour around our trajectory over to Wyoming.

Here’s the cities we’re coming to in June. Check the Shows Page for all the details.

  • 6/18 – Prescott, AZ
  • 6/19 – Albuquerque, NM
  • 6/20 – Taos, NM
  • 6/21 – Crestone, CO
  • 6/22 – Del Norte, CO
  • 6/25 – Colorado Springs, CO
  • 6/26 – Denver, CO
  • 6/27 – Casper, WY
  • 6/28 – Bond, CO

Have you listened to our new album ‘Edge of the World‘ Yet?

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