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Fishtank Ensemble is a musical Molotov cocktail, blending a wide range of styles: Turkish, Romanian, Gypsy, French hot jazz, Balkan, Greek and more. From California, they bring their unique high energy and virtuosic show to places all around the world.

edge of the world

Edge of the World

woman in sin

Woman in Sin

CD Cover

Samurai Over Serbia

super raoul

Super Raoul

To All of Our Longtime Friends and Fellow Music Lovers

Recently, it has come to our attention that Fishtank Ensemble is about to celebrate our ten year anniversary. After a hustling, bustling ten years filled with music, travel, friends, adventure, child raising, and amazing community, we are enjoying some time off to continue to strengthen music bonds within our community and spend time with loved ones.


While we don’t have any specific plans to come and see you in the near future, we are waiting in the wings to see how our year will unfold with regards to traveling and performing! In the meantime, we are also working to pay off credit card debts accrued during our last few years of touring. (Ah, the technical side of running a band and bringing our music hither and thither across the US and parts of Europe and Canada)

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If you’re already on our email list, you know that we give away a lot of our music to you for free. Well now we’re also giving away ‘Zuki Zuki’ to anyone who signs up for the email list (in addition for at least 4 other songs). It’s one the most fun and energetic songs from our latest CD ‘Edge of the World’, and it’s yours, just for agreeing to get somewhat sporadic emails from us about what we’re up to or when we’re coming to you town.

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fishtank ensemble

The LA Weekly calls them “cross pollinated gypsy music….one of the most thrilling young acts on the planet.” Formed in 2005 and playing everywhere from the hippest LA clubs to festivals, cultural centers, museums, parades, and even on the street, the gypsy jazz band includes two explosive violins, the world’s best slap bass player, musical saw, flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar, opera, jazz and gypsy vocals, and one little banjolele. Tackling everything from French hot jazz to wild Serbian and Transylvanian gypsy anthems, Flamenco, and oddball originals, the band is a not to be missed event for world music lovers…and everyone will love this intoxicating mix of music!!

The dynamic, virtuosic, fiery and peripatetic quartet that comprises Fishtank Ensemble take their roots both from their own varied musical and national backgrounds, as well as from their adventures and travels. The singer Ursula sang opera on the streets and town squares of Italy, until she found a love of gypsy music…their French violinist voyaged around all of Europe in a handmade mule-drawn caravan for ten years, collecting music and experiences.  Their Serbian bass player has spent time playing with gypsies as well as some of the rock and roll’s legends, and aptly defends his reputation as the best slap bass player in the world… and the guitarist is a master of flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar who honed his craft in the gypsy caves of Granada, Spain… Whatever wild time you can expect from this band, it will never match their out of this world performance!!!

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